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Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

When your car’s power steering system shows signs of contaminated power steering fluid, noise, stiffness, rough or hard turning, this service is the first thing you should try before it becomes necessary to perform major repair work or even the need for replacement of very expensive power steering components.

Most people at one time have encountered a power steering problem with either a power steering pump, or hoses, or gearbox, or rack and pinion. Failures could be anything from noise, leaks or stiffness when first starting the car. A power steering fluid exchange service safely cleans all internal power steering components, including the power steering hoses, power steering pump, rack and pinion, and or gearbox.

This service is also the best way to remove metals that slowly grind away on your power steering internal components. Your car’s power steering is thoroughly cleaned and protected with fresh power steering fluid and conditioners that revitalize the seals and O-rings in your power steering system.

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