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Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Transmission fluid in a transmission is designed to do three things:

  1. Create hydraulic pressure so the transmission can do what it is supposed to do, allow the car to go forward in a number of different gear ratios, as well as reserve.
  2. Absorb and dissipate heat that develops under routine driving conditions. Heats causes friction and wear & tear on mechanical and electronic parts. The fluid carries heat to the      transmission cooler so that the fluid can be cooled.
  3. Lubricate the mechanical parts to ensure proper performance and increase the life of the transmission.

When transmission fluid becomes dark or discolored, it usually indicates the fluid is burned, and can no longer dissipate the heat the way the manufacturer intended. As transmission fluid ages, contaminants such as clutch material and metal debris build up, and viscosity breaks down, leaving your transmission vulnerable to failure and expensive repairs – even from daily wear and tear. Tired transmission fluid can also create poor performance. These performance decreases are typically so minute, from day to day, that they are not felt until there is a real drivability problem or breakdown. Millions of transmissions fail every year due to worn out transmission fluid.

Bruce’s Automotive can completely service the fluid in your car’s automatic transmission. Whether it is a periodic maintenance drain and refill, or a complete fluid exchange, good, clean transmission fluid is a wise investment.

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